How to Replace your Stampin' Up! Marker Tips

We had a wonderful Youtube video sent to us by Sage Kimble that shows you how to do all this:

If you've got Stampin' Up! Markers with tips that have gone all soft and squishy, you'll want to watch this video! In order to get quality results

First, pull out the brush marker nib (the bigger end) with some tweezers, or your fingers & a paper towel. Just pull firmly & gently and discard.
(This is a good time to refill your marker with ink. See below )
Next, holding onto the brush end of the new tip, gently and firmly insert the smaller diameter end into the Stampin’ Up! marker. Please allow about 15 minutes for the new color to infuse into the new tip before use.

Refilling: We use a pair of pliers and actually pull out the whole plastic end of the pen. Then we take out the ink holding core part from inside the pen and drip ink into each end, replace it into the pen and put the plastic end back on. That works well. Be sure it snaps all the way back into the pen. It's a little hard to pull at first but you won't break it. Just pull hard.

Then you can reinsert your new tip- allowing the ink to soak in thoroughly before you use it. **** Please allow for a thorough soaking so you don't risk damaging the new felt tip. They are so nice & pointy & firm when they are brand new you want to treat them with respect as long as you can :) ((You dont' have to take off the plastic end but it's a great way to soak the core & it's very easy to do. ))
Try & keep your new nibs as juicy as possible. Nothing ruins the tips faster than having them be very dry.

How to refill markers & replace tips